On Going Healthy: Vatos Urban Tacos launched their healthy line of Mix Bowls

Sinful – if you are going to ask us how we are to describe the food at Vatos is in just a single word. That’s how we are to name it. It sure is sinful with all the spices and all the meat each dish has, but undeniably, it is downright delicious as well. No surprise there, because we have brought our friends to Vatos, too, and you know what, they loved dining with Vatos as well!

As we have personally labelled Vatos’ food as sinful, let us tell you that you need not to fret if you are on a diet or you are leaning more into a healthy lifestyle and you want to try out Vatos, because they recently have launched a healthy line that sure will be able to cater your food preference as well as satisfy you and pleasure you at the same time.

Meet these delicious and nutritious new additions to Vatos’ offerings, their Mix Bowls. These Mix Bowls are consisted of five healthy variants that sure would not only interest health-conscious folks, but also people who really could not care less of what they put into their bodies.

1. Keto Mix

Ketogenic Diet is really making some noise recently. They say it’s an effective way to lose weight and fats. Well, if you are undergoing this popular way of eating, then you should know that this Keto Mix Bowl of Vatos only has 7.5 grams of carbs, so really, this healthy and yummy bowl is perfect for your Keto Diet journey!

2. Vegan Delight Mix

Animals are in fact living things, too, and we respect why some people decide to go vegan, so if you are one, then rejoice, and just jump for joy, because here at Vatos, you finally get to have a dish you can truly enjoy! This mix is not only tasty, but also it is 100% free of meat, eggs, and dairy products.

3. Vampire Mix

Vampire Mix

Ironically, this bowl is called what it is called, but it actually is loaded with garlic. That’s right, keep the vampires away with garlic, garlic, and more garlic! Describing this bowl as bland is a straight lie as that word does not exist in the vocabulary of this scrumptious mix.

4. K-Town Mix

K-Town Mix

It’s not a secret that almost everyone is hooked with Korean food and the lovely flavors it has to offer. We get it really because we adore Korean cuisine, too! Anyway, as Korean food is loaded with flavor, do not hesitate into grabbing yourself this bowl because Vatos has brought those altogether in this flavor-packed mix.

5. Mediterranean Mix

If you are one for the freshness of Mediterranean cuisine, then you sure are going to delight in this mix bowl as you will be able to savor the delectable tones of Mediterranean with hummus, feta cheese, olives, and chickpeas, so better not miss on this one, got it?

There you have it – 5 healthy mix bowls by Vatos which you won’t regret having at all. You will never know, one of these or maybe all these would be your reason to at first, just have a taste, then next, your reason of just going back to Vatos each and every day!

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